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New Bikes for Spring
Specialized Sirrus - 2017

Speed, comfort and confident handling come together to make Specialized's… [more]

Felt Bicycles FR40 - 2017

When performance is paramount and confidence is key, the FR40 is the ideal… [more]

KHS Flite 700 - 2017

Step up to KHS’s Flite 700 and experience the lightweight and forgiving… [more]

KHS TC 100 - 2017

KHS' TC 100 is perfect for cruising around town and enjoying local bike… [more]

Electra Heartchya 3i Ladies' - 2017

Turn sidewalks into runways with these sweet, playful designs. The… [more]

KHS Flite 750 - 2017

Soar up climbs and fly down long, winding ribbons of tarmac on KHS's… [more]

Specialized Enduro Comp 29 6Fattie - 2017

Who says that carbon should have all the fun? Not Specialized. Their… [more]

Specialized Alibi Step-Through - 2017

How many times have you been ready to ride, only to be confronted with a… [more]

Felt Bicycles IA 1 - 2017

The IA is the most aerodynamic bicycle frame available, and the complete… [more]

Specialized Crosstrail Sport - 2017

Every trail and road is an invitation to adventure when you're riding… [more]

KHS Westwood - 2017

KHS' Westwood is a comfortable machine that excels on city streets and… [more]

KHS Brentwood - 2017

KHS's Brentwood is great for riding around town in comfort and style. It… [more]

Electra Townie Balloon 3i EQ - 2016/2017
$799.99 - $829.99

You can see the difference right away. But if you think balloon tires look… [more]

KHS Flite Team - 2017

If the cheering of a speed-crazed crowd is second in your heart only to… [more]

KHS 4 Season 300 - 2017

Crush, float across, and roll over everything on KHS’s 4 Season 300. The… [more]

Specialized Camber 29 - 2017

With 120mm of plush, predictable travel, big wheels, and a playful… [more]

KHS Urban Xpress - 2017

KHS' Urban Xpress is a classy way to get to the office and cruise about… [more]

Felt Bicycles Verza-e 30 S - 2017

Felt's Verza-e 30 S electric-assist bike is all about options within an… [more]

Felt Bicycles VR5W - 2017

Endurance road riding demands both comfort and performance, and the VR5W’s… [more]

KHS 4 Season 1000 - 2017

A 6061 aluminum frame is light and tough to take on that snow squall and… [more]

Felt Bicycles DD 70 - 2017

The path less traveled? What about the path never traveled? That's where… [more]

Specialized Dolce - 2017

The Dolce will take you places you've never dreamed of. Light, fast, and… [more]

Specialized Girl's Hotrock 16 Coaster - 2017

Specialized's Girl's Hotrock 16 packs big-time fun into a pint-sized… [more]

Specialized Tarmac SL4 Elite - 2017

Specialized's Tarmac platform has Tour de France and Giro d' Italia wins… [more]

Electra Loft 7D - Ladies' - 2017
$459.99 - $549.99

This modern day classic is built to ride. It’s lightweight. It’s durable.… [more]

KHS Eastwood - 2017

The KHS Eastwood is a super-versatile, fun-loving bike that you can use to… [more]

Specialized Crosstrail Elite INT - 2017

Adventure calls out every time you pedal away from home on Specialized's… [more]

Specialized Amira Comp UDi2 - 2017

Whether it's sprinting, climbing, or training rides with the group,… [more]

KHS CX500 - 2017

Grab the hole shot and hold your position throughout the cyclocross course… [more]

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Pro Carbon 6Fattie - 2017

Pro·gres·sion (noun) A movement or development toward a destination or a… [more]

Specialized Demo 8 I Carbon - 2017

Take on bigger lines, higher speeds, and better times with Specialized's… [more]